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  OSX Basics
  Connecting to the Staff Server
  Basic Computer Terms
  Anatomy of a Filename
  Gettting Started
  A1: The Cube & Sphere
  A2: Layers Are Your Friend
  A3: Birds Cartoon
  A4: Big Fish
  A5: Light Burst
  A6: Expanded Square
  A7: Layer Masks 1
  A8: Working With Text
  A9 Pt.1: Letterforms, Hue Value Shape Space & Texture
  A9: Pt.2: Advanced PS Tips
  P1 pt. 1: Scanning Your Line Drawing
  P1 Pt. 2: Preparing Your Line Drawing
  P1 Grading Criteria
  P2: Hue and Value
  P3: Postage Stamp Series
  Saving Files For the Web
  Creating Your Web Portfolio
  Web Portfolio Final Checklist

Digital Imaging
Teacher: Ken Kimura
email: ken_kimura at lsrhs dot net
telephone: (978)443-9961 XT2221

Things to do for us to work more efficiently, manage our work better, and practice naming and turning assignments into my dropbox.
  1. Create a new folder and name it “Digital Imaging”

  2. Put it in your documents folder

  3. Set your dock to hide

  4. Put a shortcut of your “Digital Imaging” folder in your dock

  5. Find the Photoshop Application and add that to your dock

  6. Open your web browser and go to Find the digital imaging webpage and add it to your bookmarks/favorites bar.

  7. Launch Adobe Photoshop
    1. Create a new document using the preset size of 640X480
    2. Using the text tool write your email address
    3. Save the file in your Digital Imaging folder as:

      <your last name><first initial>.psd
      for example: bauerj.psd

  8. Put a copy in the correct folder in my dropbox

Edited 1-30-07