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Course Materials
& Handouts
  OSX Basics
  Connecting to the Staff Server
  Basic Computer Terms
  Anatomy of a Filename
  Gettting Started
  A1: The Cube & Sphere
  A2: Layers Are Your Friend
  A3: Birds Cartoon
  A4: Big Fish
  A5: Light Burst
  A6: Expanded Square
  A7: Layer Masks 1
  A8: Working With Text
  A9 Pt.1: Letterforms, Hue Value Shape Space & Texture
  A9: Pt.2: Advanced PS Tips
  P1 pt. 1: Scanning Your Line Drawing
  P1 Pt. 2: Preparing Your Line Drawing
  P1 Grading Criteria
  P2: Hue and Value
  P3: Postage Stamp Series
  Saving Files For the Web
  Creating Your Web Portfolio
  Web Portfolio Final Checklist
Big Fish Notes

Digital Imaging
Teacher: Ken Kimura
email: ken_kimura at lsrhs dot net
telephone: (978)443-9961 XT2221

Learning Objectives
  • Duplicate a selection onto another layer - apple J
  • Make selections using quickmask mode
  • Invert selections - Selection menu > invert
  • Transform - Edit menu transform, scale
  • Rubberstamp tool - option click the source of what you want to paint
The Assignment
  1. Make a selection around the fish
    • Make a rough selection around the fish using any selection tool
    • Switch to quickmask mode
    • Use shades of black and white and the paintbrush tool to add to or take away from the selection.
    • Switch back to normal mode (not quickmask mode)
  2. Duplicate the selection onto it’s own layer and name the layer “fish”
    • Apple J
  3. Lock transparency on the fish layer.
  4. Use the clone stamping tool to erase the fingers
    • choose a soft edged brush
    • option click on an area that you want to copy
    • paint the new area
    • You will need to reset the copy source by option clicking.
      (It’s like picking you mouse up when you’ve run out of room)’
  5. With the fish layer active, make it bigger and rotate it if needed.
    • Edit menu > Transform > Scale (hold down the shift key)
    • Edit menu > Transform > Rotate
  6. Go to the original layer and make a selection around the fingers.
    (See step 1)
  7. Duplicate the selection onto it’s own layer and name it “fingers”
    a. Apple J
  8. Rearrange your layers so that the fingers” layer is on top of the bigger “fish” layer.
  9. Rubber stamp any parts of the original fish that show.
    a. See step 4.

Edited 9-8-06