Below is a list of the most common services we provide (click on one to see a brief description). If your request is "uncommon", ask us anyway. We can accomodate just about any request. Using FirstClass send an email to the "AV Requests" conference. We are not Tech Help, forward all your computer rapair needs to the "TechHelp 2" conference. We do use lots of different computer applications here, and we will be happy to give you advice using them. They include Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, FileMaker Pro, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iTunes, and many more.

Installed Audio Systems:

Throughout the building we have integrated sound systems (auditorium, lecture hall, conference room A and B, cafeteria, fitness center, and all gyms), these systems are maintained by the Communications Department. If you need to use any of these and are not familiar with their use, please request training. Most systems only require a few minutes to learn basic use.


Equipment sign out:

We are currently replacing all stand alone DVD and VHS players with Triple play combo units. These have the VCR and DVD player built right into the TV set. All of our TV's are 27". If you need a TV and there is not one in your room you can request one from us as a temporary sign out. Physical or mechanical damage to these TV's means they need to be sent out for repairs. We can address any issues with tapes getting stuck, DVD settings, Closed Captioning, etc..

* Overhead projector:

Many teachers use overhead projectors. We get more requests to repair these than any other piece of equipment. The most common problem is the lamp burning out. Here are a few tricks to keep these running longer. Never place anything other than overheads on them (i.e.; staplers, 3-hole punches, etc..). The glass can break. After use the lamps are red hot and very very fragile. Once you turn it off the fan should stay on for a few minutes. Do not move the projector during this time. The lamp needs to cool off. These lamps cost about $13 each. We have many of these in stock.

* LCD projector:

These are becoming more and more popular. The same rules apply as the overhead projector. Do not put things on the LCD Projector and let the lamp cool down before moving it. These lamps cost over $300 each. We do not carry many replacements in stock so it could be a week or so before it gets replaced.

* Slide projector:

Again, same as the other projectors. Do not place objects on these and let the lamps cool before moving them. With the use of LCD Projectors growing, more and more teachers are converting slides to digital images. See the next item.

* Slide Scanner:

With our Nikon Super COOLSCAN 5000ED with SF-210 slide feeder attachment we can scan 50 slides unattended. Once scanned you can save your slides as a Keynote slide show.

* Digital cameras:

We have various digital cameras that may be signed out by staff members for school use.

* Tape recorders:

Eiki 7070 cd/tape recorders are also available.


Video Collection sign out:

We have over 2000 educational videos in our collection on VHS and DVD. To search our database click on the "Video DataBase" tab above. ****This function is temporarilly unavailable******



We can make a large variety of posters in many different colors. We use a ProImage XL 3000 Thermal PosterPrinter by Varitronics. This machine can produce a 44" x 58" single color banner from one single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. The most common size we do is 23" x 31". We have a variety of colors to chose from including: Black, Blue, Red, and Neon Pink (this is for outdoor use only). This is best used with text files, images tend to look to blurry.



With our Pro Finish Laminating machine we can laminate up to 24" wide both sides at once. It is a hand cranked cold laminator, that means there is no need to have it warm up for 20 minutes anymore.


DVD/VHS Dubbing:

5 copies of one VHS tape can be made at once with our VHS dubbing rack. DVD's may be copied only if they do not have copy protection on them. If you are not sure if it does or not bring it here and we can tell you. We can supply blank (used) VHS tapes for dubbing. You supply the blank DVD-R media


DVD Disc Repair:

Scratched DVD's now have a second chance. With the use of our RTI Eco-Smart Disc Repair System we can repair discs that are heavily scratched.


VHS Tape Repair:

Broken VHS tapes can usually be saved. If a VHS tape is broken please notify us ASAP. We can repair almost any damage to a tape (cracked case, torn tape, etc.).


Graphic Design:

We can also provide graphic design for your posters and signs.



Once a year we provide the students and staff with carbid tip engravers to "etch" personal belongings (cell phones, ipods, calculators, etc..). These engravers are available at any time to staff members.


TV Program Recording:

Staff can request a Television show be recorded (educational only, no soaps please!). Once we record the shows with our Tivo we burn them to DVD and you can then preview it. If you deem it worthy we will then add it to the collection.


In addition to providing all of this equipment it is our job to assist in the use and training of all this equipment. DO NOT hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.