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Posted on 01/31/2020
Dear LS Students, Parents/Guardians, and Staff:

You are invited and strongly encouraged to attend one of two important community-based forums in February. The first will take place in Boston, February 6 at 6:30pm, at the Melnea Cass Recreation Center. at 120 MLK, Jr. Boulevard in Boston, MA. The second forum will take place at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School on February 13 at 6:30pm, in the LS Chorus Room. Consultants Richard Cole and Steven Flythe will present the results and be available to answer questions from the audience. We look forward to your participation in either of the forums and receiving your input. Links to both reports will be included in a follow-up communication.

Ensuring equity and excellence for all students attending LS has been a longstanding goal for us. As a faculty and administration we have reflected on our instructional practice, examined our student performance data, sought to understand our youth culture, looked to our broader community for input and partnership, and encouraged a shared leadership model across our stakeholders to achieve this outcome for our students. An essential prerequisite to success in this endeavor is to actively identify and eliminate recognizable barriers that impede the ability of students to thrive socially, emotionally and academically in our school. One inevitable and paramount aspect of this ongoing commitment is to prioritize and address any and all issues and concerns regarding our racial climate.

A Racial Climate Task Force (RCTF) was convened January 2018 for this purpose. Following the development of its membership and mission statement, an initial key task of the RCTF was to help organize and implement an assessment of the current racial climate at LS. Students, faculty, administrators, staff and parent/guardians were surveyed November 2018 as part of a newly designed equity assessment. This assessment was extended to include student and staff focus group discussions concentrated particularly on the factor of race.

Two focus groups were completed last school year, 2018-19. Student focus groups were completed in December 2018 and faculty/administrator/staff focus groups were completed in June 2019. Civil Rights Attorney Richard Cole and his associate, Steve Flythe (https://www.colecivilrights.com/
) were engaged to implement this process to gather information from students, faculty, administrators and staff about their views, perspectives, and recommendations about our school climate and culture. The focus groups were designed for the purpose of assisting us in our ongoing efforts to promote a positive learning environment and help all our students achieve their personal and academic potential.

I thank the co-chairs of RCTF (Leslie Patterson and Martha Wall), the RCTF steering committee (Matt Baird, Lori Hodin, Pamela Jones, and Judy Merra) and remaining members of RCTF (Jim Berry, Sarah Greeley, Phil James, and Shelly Hinds) for their leadership and preparation that has led us to the upcoming community forums. I also extend my appreciation to the many community members who have regularly attended monthly meetings facilitated by the steering committee for their participation and input as well.


Bella Wong