welcome back updates

Welcome Back Updates
Posted on 01/05/2023

Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

While high winds pushed us out of 2022, 2023 greets us with dampness and grey skies. Such is New England weather.  Since we are past the astronomical solstice at least we know every day through June will be a longer one. Now if only the sun would come out to prove it! 

At week 18 we are not quite half way.  Here is an interesting factoid about our schedule this year. This is the 9th week that we are having a shorter than 5 day week of school, with two more ’short’ weeks left to finish out the month of January! 

Speaking of schedules I want to remind you of the upcoming mid year assessment period which will be done differently than we did the prior year. 

There will be 4 “assessment/exam” days. The History, Math, Science, and World Language Departments will each have their own day to give semester assessments. Each student will be scheduled to take 1 assessment in 1 session each day. The midyear assessment schedule is posted on this page of our website:  https://www.lsrhs.net/school_calendar. Teachers will let students know the time and location of their assessment.

If you have ANY questions about special (or ordinary) circumstances please contact your teachers directly!

Buses will run on the regular morning bus schedule. There will be a second pick up 2 hours later than the first (for Boston, Lincoln and Sudbury). There will be the regular 3:15 pm departure as well as the 6pm late bus EVERY day.

"Grab and Go" lunch will be served in the cafeteria from 11:45 to 1:08 each day.

And another comment about how things are different than before (and better).  Last year this time we were so overwhelmed with the number of positive COVID cases we had to make an abrupt change to the mid year period.  While this year we are clearly experiencing a seasonal increase in the number of COVID and flu cases but things are WAY better than last year. 

Here are important health reminders.  We have extra COVID antigen quick tests available for pick from the house offices, health office or my office.  Take them!  Stay home if you are symptomatic for COVID or flu, especially if you are feverish. Stay home if you end up testing positive for either.  You can return to school 5 days after testing positive for COVID.  Mask wearing is recommended for days 6 to10 after.  You don’t need to wear a mask if you test negative.  You are not required to test negative in order to come back to school. 

While not required, mask wearing is always a protective option for anyone in school at any time.

Be well everyone (and maybe wish for a bit of snow)?


Bella Wong