Wellness Frequently Asked Questions

Lockers and Locker Room

How do I get a locker?

All 9th through 11th grade students are assigned a Wellness locker in 9th grade. If you lose your combination any house assistant or Wellness teacher can help you access that information on Aspen. 12th graders are given a locker upon request.

What are the rules about locker room behavior?

See attached PDF.

May I keep my clothes in my Wellness locker over the summer?

No, all lockers are emptied at the end of the school year. Clean out of lockers happens during the last week of Wellness classes.


What are Open Gyms?

Open Gyms are scheduled during various lunch and ACA blocks for students to come down and play. Students are supervised by a Wellness teacher and must wear appropriate footwear to participate. Open Gym schedules are posted on the Gym doors and change every quarter.

Leadership Opportunities

How can I become a student leader in Wellness?

This program is available for students who have demonstrated leadership in Wellness classes, and want to challenge themselves in the development of teaching skills.

Fitness Center

How can I use the Fitness Center?

The Fitness Center is open to students every ACA. Also, students may join the after school fitness center. See the Athletic Office for more information. Parents may also access the Fitness Center through the Adult Education Program.