Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey Presentation

Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey Presentation
Posted on 09/28/2022
Dear LS Parents/Guardians,

This is a reminder that the community presentation for parents/guardians will be tonight, Wednesday September 28 at 7 pm in the L-S cafeteria.

The survey covers a broad rage of risk factors students may be exposed to. For example, the data provides us with an understanding of what are our students say about their mental health. What trends are happening in students’ substance use? What topics do students report cause them stress? Is there an increase in LS Students reporting use of vaping products in the last month? How many LS students report driving after using marijuana?

This year’s data is the first report after three years and the first recording of responses since the onset of the pandemic.

The survey is administered to all students across all grade levels in school during class time and so represents results across all grade levels.

The results will be shared in a World Café format presented by LS students. The students have been working very hard practicing and preparing for this event. Thank you to Emily Phillips, Susan Shields, David Bloom, and Sarah Greeley for organizing the administration and working with students on their presentations.

Your attendance is strongly encouraged to come receive this important information.


Bella Wong