Strategic Planning Documents and Goals

Strategic Planning Documents and Goals
Posted on 09/19/2022

Dear LS Students and Families, 

In the opening remarks for Back to School Night I quickly reviewed several important documents that guide our school’s work with students this year in alignment with our long-term strategic plan.  Here are links to the documents for your closer attention. 

Here is a link to our Portrait of an LS Graduate  The LS portrait of a graduate embodies our shared vision for what we want all students to be able to do, if not by graduation, in life, after they leave LS.  Our vision for our students is not just about preparing them for a world as we know it today, but is to prepare them to make the world the way they want it to be.  The best gift we can give our students is the ability to believe in themselves and that the future is theirs to shape.

The LS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan (STP) for improvement and growth was developed in response to student, staff and family surveys in preparation for the NEASC decennial reaccreditation process that was completed last school year.  Over the summer we updated the STP to incorporate the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) recommendations.  Here is the Updated Strategic Plan.  The priorities for 2022-24 are highlighted in yellow.  

Each year we focus on one of our four core values as a school.  This year’s focus is Fostering Caring and Cooperative Relationships.  Here is a description of the LS Core Values from our website.

In support of the district’s STP my Superintendent goals for the 2022-24 cycle are:  

  • To develop curriculum for and support implementation of an Advisory Program

  • Develop metrics to measure academic and opportunity gaps

  • Assure the LS curriculum supports realization of the Portrait of an LS Graduate

I look forward to providing updates on our progress as the year proceeds.  


Bella Wong