Back to School Night Thank You

Back to School Night Thank You
Posted on 09/15/2022

Dear LS Parents/Guardians, 

Thank you so much for attending Back to School Night yesterday evening.  From my observations the night was full of positive energy, warm and welcoming.  As I passed a parent on his way out of school at the end of the evening he turned and said, "The teachers here are all great, every one of them."  : - ) 

Thank you to all administrators, teachers and staff who welcomed parents/guardians into classrooms, administrative and house offices and helped guide our visitors to where they needed to be.  Thank you to our student musicians who elevated the ambience of the evening with their playing.  

Thank you to our student helpers who offered tours and served as guides through the night.  Thank you to the adults and students who were stationed at the various information tables in the cafeteria.  It was also nice to see the resumption of student fundraisers located throughout the building.  

During my opening remarks I shared that we are currently slightly over projection for this year’s enrollment.  Our official count will be reported after October 1.  We have an increase in the number of families who have moved into the school district.  A special welcome to all of our new families!  

These upcoming dates were highlighted for everyone.

9/15 and 9/16  Activity Shop Around cafeteria area during the lunch blocks

9/21  Job Fair during ACA block

9/28  Evening Community Presentation of the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey

Thank you to the LSPO for treating us to such an amazing selection of healthy and delicious options for dinner and for welcoming parents/guardians in the auditorium with me.  Your thoughtful generosity was very much appreciated by all of us.  It was a wonderful antecedent to the evening ahead.  

Another thank you for your cooperation and to the police department and our staff for helping to manage traffic to support safe entry and exit from the school campus.  

Best Regards, 

Bella Wong