Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey Results

Please join us on Wednesday, September 28: Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey Results
Posted on 09/06/2022
What are our students saying about their mental health? What trends are we seeing in students’ substance use? What specific things are stressing our students out? Is there an increase in LS Students reporting that they have vaped in the last month? How many LS students report driving after using marijuana? These questions and more are addressed by the Metrowest Adolescent Health Survey, which monitors trends in health and risk behaviors among youth. We administer this survey every two years and the 2021 survey is the 8th administration of this survey by the Metrowest Health Foundation. The questions on the survey cover topics ranging from substance use to violence to mental health, and on September 28th, the results from the 2021 survey will be shared in a World Café format presented by current LS students at 7:00 in the LS cafeteria. Brought to you by Connections.