Opening of School Health Updates

Opening of School Health Updates
Posted on 08/29/2022

Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

We welcomed all staff officially this morning and are looking forward to receiving students new to LS on Tuesday and then all LS students starting Wednesday for the new school year!

These are a few health related updates. 

Here is the updated joint DESE and MA Department of Public Health (DPH) that provide general guidance regarding COVID DESE/DPH GuidanceHere is the updated guidance for quarantine/isolation:  quarantine/isolation.  Here is a brief summary:

  1. If you test positive for COVID you must quarantine for 5 days.  There are no testing requirements to return to school.  However, if you do test positive again you must remain in quarantine.  When you return you are required to wear a mask on days 6 through 10 after testing positive.

  2. Mask wearing is otherwise optional.  

  3. There are no testing requirements.  

  4. The state is no longer providing regular testing or masks for use in school.  LS has purchased supplies of quick tests and masks that will be held in stock for use if there is a surge and for anyone who requests a mask to wear in school at any time.  

  5. You may report positive test results to the LS Health Office at 978-443-9961, ext 2390.  We are no longer doing contact tracing.  The state is not collecting weekly data from us at this time.  We will maintain the records for own local monitoring in order to provide updates to the community when appropriate.  

I have registered a request to offer a LS COVID vaccination/booster in school clinic to take place in the month of October.  This will be open to students and staff.  More information will be sent to you once a date has been confirmed.  

Additionally, I share with you the following documents related to Monkey Pox.  Rates of infection of this virus are now being monitored at the state level.  We will be applying stricter cleaning measures in the Athletic and Wellness areas of our school.  Please note, it is reported that the virus can be transmitted through skin contact, wet surfaces and the sharing of towels.  

CDC Guidance for schools:

CDC Information of Teens:

Mass.Gov Guidance:

I wish everyone a safe and healthy opening!  Thank you for your attention to these cautionary notes about the start of school in order to minimize loss of time in school for everyone due to illness.  

Best regards, 

Bella Wong