COVID update 1/21/22

COVID update 1/21/22
Posted on 01/21/2022

Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff, 

The January 19 pool test results have returned.  Six pools tested positive and one pool returned with invalid results.  Individual positive test results have been confirmed and notified.  The 2021-22 LS COVID Case Summary can be found at this link which is also on our school website:   Link to COVID dashboard 

While we had 34 total cases by December 22, we are now at a total of 299 cases for the school year.  We have clearly experienced a dramatic increase in cases between12/23 to date.  While the number of cases being reported this week may be less than the peak of last two weeks ago the number of cases is still higher on a weekly basis than what we saw last year at this time.  I am very pleased that we have had minimal disruption to our program offerings! At the same time I urge us to continue to work together to sustain our recommended and required safety protocols.

1.  We will continue to do weekly pcr pool testing.  Due to our mid year period schedule pool testing will take place on THURSDAY next week.  PLEASE NOTE: if you have been positively confirmed to have had COVID within the last 90 days you should NOT participate in the weekly PCR pool test.  Your doing so will likely cause the pool to test positive.  The more positive pools there are the longer it takes for the labs to identify the individual positive cases.  

2.  We will be running a vaccination clinic on Thursday, February 10, 8 am to 1 pm in the LS auditorium.  I will send out the registration link once I receive it from the state vendor.  

3.  I have submitted our application for state issued quick tests.  The state is offering enough COVID antigen quick test supplies for all students and staff to allow for one test per week.  Participation is voluntary and requires you to fill out an 'opt in' form.  Once our application has been accepted I will send out this additional information.  

4.  LS was eligible for the quick tests because we have a pool testing program.  Continuation of the pool testing program is required to remain eligible.  Cessation of Stay and Test is also required to be eligible to receive the quick tests.  We will cease Stay and Test once the quick tests for students have arrived and been distributed.  

5.  We will continue with contact tracing.  

6.  Staff and students are strongly encouraged to let us know if you have tested positive when you use the quick test.  We will do contact tracing.  We will continue to report numbers of staff and student positives reported to us to the state.  We will share these numbers with our local health department.  The names of individual positive cases will not be shared with the state or the local health department.  


Bella Wong