COVID update 12/14/21

COVID update 12/14/21
Posted on 12/15/2021

Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

Thank you for indicating your interest in a LS hosted free vaccination clinic.  I received confirmation today that LS is approved to host a vaccination clinic for students and staff 8 am to 1 pm on Tuesday, January 4. What will be available is the adult (12+) dose of Pfizer for 1st/2nd/Booster shot.  This includes the 16+ population for those boosters, as long as it has been 6 months since the second dose. The clinic will also offer Moderna for boosters only.  I will forward the sign up links to you once I receive them. 

Since my last COVID update I have two new positive student cases to report.  We are clearly experiencing a trend upward since the Thanksgiving Break. 

LS Vaccination Status:         

Students        1384/1512  = 91.53%            

Staff                    233/234   = 99.57%

2021-22 Positive COVID Case Summary

Date                      Students             Staff

09/01 – 09/29             xxxxx                                        4 weeks

09/30 – 10/27                                                             4 weeks

10/28 – 11/24             xx                     xxxx                 4 weeks

11/25 – 12/01             xx

12/02 – 12/08             xxxx                 x

12/09  -                       xxx

Vaccinated to Unvaccinated positive case comparison:  13 to 8

Please note that one is considered a close contact of positive case if one is within 3 feet of the person for more than 15 minutes within a 24-hour period when both individuals are wearing masks.  One is considered a close contact of positive case if one is within 6 feet of the person for more than 15 minutes within a 24-hour period when both individuals are not wearing masks.  Close contacts that are vaccinated and not symptomatic are not required to quarantine.  Close contacts that are not vaccinated and close contacts that are vaccinated and symptomatic are required to quarantine. 

Here is a link to how one can schedule a time for other vaccination and or booster sites:  I will send a sign up link for the 1/4/22 LS vaccination clinic when I receive it. 

Pool test participation numbers

10/7                447                  11/4                360                              12/1    508

10/14              415                  11/10              375                              12/8     346

10/21              424                  11/17              332                              12/15   Next Testing

10/28              361                  11/24              No testing                

Here are the links to sign up if you are not currently enrolled.  

For student pool testing:

For adult and staff pool testing:

Here is the link to our current COVID mitigation protocols.

Mask wearing is required for all indoor public spaces in the Town of Sudbury.  I do not anticipate a change in the current in school mask requirement before January. MIAA is requiring mask wearing for winter indoor athletics.

Thank you for all for taking care with your own health as well as being mindful of the health of others.


Bella Wong