Thanksgiving Wishes 21

Thanksgiving Wishes
Posted on 11/26/2021
Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

As we look toward a long holiday weekend I extend my appreciation to each of you. Returning to school all together in person has been a source of great joy. At the same time being in high school even under ordinary circumstances can be stressful … a lot of the time! And these are not ordinary times! We have ALL experienced and continue to adjust to varying degrees of disorientation throughout this transition. Yet I believe as a school community we have responded well to the twists and turns we’ve been presented and there is a lot to be proud of for where we are today. Everyone deserves credit for this!

I also want to acknowledge that it is only human to experience vulnerability. Thank you for all that you do to watch out for one another. ANY of us may need some extra watching out after from time to time. Being mindful of one another when someone might need extra support is incredibly important. Finding additonal help for a friend beyond what you are able to give is being a good friend. Caring about one another is a gift we give each other that comes back to us to help make our community resilient and strong as a whole.

Best wishes for a wonderful and healthful holiday,

Bella Wong