End of First Quarter 21-22

End of First Quarter
Posted on 11/08/2021
Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

We’ve just finished our Fall quarter 2021 back in school fully in person! Yay!

We were very happy to welcome our parents/guardians back into school for 9th grade Parent/Guardian Night and for Back to School Night in person after having only virtual parent/guardian meetings since March 2020. Thank you to all of you could come and to our faculty and staff for their presentations!

It’s great to be in classes in person again. All of our athletic teams have participated in and many are still participating in postseason play as I write. This means every team ended the regular season on a high note! Post season games continue continue tonight, tomorrow, Monday and next Saturday. Yay, Teams!

The Musician Union had it largest attendance and most successful fundraising at its first event of the year on October 22. We are very excited for the Addams Family Musical that will run 11/17-11/20. Don’t miss it! Yay, for our performing artists!

Mid-October we were visited by a team of eight educators, which completes our final assessment for NEASC decennial reaccreditation. Prior to the visit the team was provided reams of evidence about our strategic plan for improvement. During the days they were here (virtually) they met with administrators, faculty, staff and students. They observed classes over two days. We will not receive the final report until after January. However, before they left the Chair of the team described the level of student engagement she observed between students and faculty to be the highest she had witnessed in her many times on a NEASC team. Yay, L-S!

At the same time we administered our first in school SAT in the same week as the PSATs. Yay, L-S Student Services!

Today representatives from DESE visited LS to observe some of our specialized programs. They spent almost a full day with us. At the end they also remarked how impressed they were by the high level of positive engagement observed between students and faculty. Yay, L-S, again!

As you know we have been offering weekly COVID pool testing since the start of October. For the first four weeks the state could not reliably staff our morning sample collection protocol which hindered our launch. However, today we had 5 state staff arrive and were told that our school is the one they like to come to best. Well, yay, LS! It looks like we will have more reliable and committed staffing moving forward. The speed of sample collection has improved, come give it a try if you haven’t already! Next week will be collecting on WEDNESDAY in the AB connector.

Thank you to the Cultivating Community Committee for another Fun Friday event building our family tree and sharing hot chocolate in the AB connector and courtyard. This is a new committee of staff who took it upon themselves to come together this year to foster events such as todays. I don’t know how they find the time. How lucky are WE?!

Thank you for looking out for one another and being such great ambassadors for our school and across all the venues that support your activities. While every day was not perfect, I think we agree almost every day being in school all together this year has been way better than what we had before and that there is more to look forward to. So, yay, for us!

Enjoy your weekend! Second quarter starts Monday. ; - )


Bella Wong

Good luck to all of our students who have and are submitting their first college applications!