Vaccination Status & covid Case Update 9/24/21

Vaccination Status and COVID Case Update 9/24/21
Posted on 09/27/2021

Dear LS Students, Families and Staff, 

Thank you so very much for updating your vaccination status as requested.  I am writing to provide you an update of where we stand as of today.  The number in the ( ) is the total number of people in each group regardless of vaccination status.  

LS Faculty (177) are 99% vaccinated.  

All other LS staff (57) are 91% vaccinated.

LS students (1509) are 88.5% vaccinated.  

Two students were confirmed positive for COVID in the week ending September 22.  Positive COVID cases are now being reported to the state by 5 pm Wednesday of each week.   

We will be commencing with weekly safety COVID testing starting this Tuesday.  The samples will be collected by staff provided by the state.  The samples can be submitted 7:45 to 10 am only.  Samples will be collected in the AB Connector/Courtyard/Cafeteria area.  I will send additional information about sample collection in a separate email.  

Thank you again for helping us complete our vaccination status survey of all LS staff and students to date.


Bella Wong