Spring Updates (May 2018)

Spring Updates
Posted on 05/09/2018

Dear L-S ​Community Members,​

The FY19 L-S Operating Budget for L-S has now been approved by both Lincoln Town Meeting on March 24 and Sudbury Town Meeting on May 7, 2018. The FY19 Budget sustains current program and a net increase of .58 FTEs (math, science and instructional technology) and a partial restoration of funding for instructional capital from $50,000 to $75,000. The FY19 Budget represents a 4.36% increase in appropriation over FY18. 3.36% will be supported through assessments charged against both towns (87.05% Sudbury, 12.95% Lincoln). $250,000 will be drawn from our Excess and Deficiency Fund.

The following capital items were also approved: new replacement hot water heater, additional security cameras for the larger parking lot and new replacement phone system. Replacing the lining of our water storage tank was approved at the October 2017 Town Meeting.

I extend my deep appreciation to both Lincoln and Sudbury for this support of our school and its programs. Thank you to the support of the members of the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committees, and Capital Committees for their oversight and review of our proposals. Thank you to the Sudbury Budget Strategies Task Force for its input and to the respective Town Managers and their Finance Officers for their invaluable assistance.

Finally, I acknowledge the hard work of our budget preparers, especially Sherry Kersey, Director of L-S Finance and Operations and our liaisons to the Selectmen and Finance Committees. Developing the annual budget for approval has essentially become a year long process yet they never faltered in the attention to detail and coherence. I also applaud the members of the L-S School committee who represented L-S by their presence at every single evening meeting the operating or capital budget related presentations or discussions were held in either town.

On that note we bid a fond adieu to Gerald Quirk (Sudbury) and Nancy Marshall (Lincoln) who finish 6 and 9 year terms of service, respectively, to the School Committee. I have seldom worked with members who have put in as many hours and worked as hard as they did for a school district.

Here is a link to the presentation for the FY 19 Operating Budget.


Bella Wong