April 30, 2021

April 30, 2021
Posted on 04/30/2021
Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

Returning to school fully in person required adjusting once more to a new learning environment which also required adapting to new rules. Thank you to ALL of you for working so hard on this! Your planning and cooperation has been so evident and appreciated. This doesn’t mean the week was not without any glitches! However, I hope any frustration as a result was outweighed by the joy of being back in school together and that we will continue to adjust.

I appreciate that many of you made an effort to get to school early to help ease the traffic. Thank you! I understand some buses traveling to LS off of Concord Road have been arriving tardy. I hope traffic patterns will continue to adjust so arrival time will improve. We continue to monitor this.

A reminder that for us to fit in all together seating in the classrooms and areas designated for supervised study halls are just at the three foot guidance. Indoor eating seating is carefully placed at 6 foot separation. Everyone needs to take care to not move the furniture!! You can angle toward each other in your seats, but please don’t move the chairs.

Many of you are eating outdoors. This is a reminder that even when you are eating outdoors, when your mask is off you still need to be 6 feet apart. This also applies if you are eating in your cars in the parking lot.

Thank you to everyone for keeping your masks on at all times when not on a mask break or needing to eat. You have been amazingly observant about this practice. I remind you that the appropriate mask to be wearing at this time is multi-layered.

If you are at all symptomatic, do not come to school until you able to ascertain you do not have COVID.

These are important rules to adhere to reduce potential spread of COVID and to mitigate the impact of disruption due to requirements to contact trace and quarantine when there is a positive case of COVID.

Please do not hesitate to let your house teams or any other liaisons know if you need any help or have concerns about being in school, whether you are in person or remote!

It is so good to be in school with all of you. Fantastic job everyone!


Bella Wong