April 26 Informational Letter

April 26 Re-opening Letter
Posted on 04/12/2021
Dear L-S Students (and Families),

After April break, we will resume full day, five days a week in-person classes for all students who are not learning fully remotely. This is an important step closer to ‘normal L-S’!! We are extremely excited for this next change in our learning model and have been working hard on the details to ensure the transition will be as smooth as possible. We must also be mindful of adherence to safety protocols in order to mitigate possible disruptions due to positive cases of COVID and requirements to quarantine.

Beginning on April 26, you will experience the following changes:

A New Schedule: You can find the schedule at this link. Note the different tabs at the bottom: with and without colors, and all 8 weeks. There is also a tab detailing the lunch times. Please add your favorite version of the schedule to your phone or planner. Please note that classes on Wednesdays no longer start late, instead they end early. The order of blocks is nearly the same as it is currently but classes are longer and lunch is shorter. There are three different lunch blocks; your teachers will let you know when it is your time to eat. Your teachers in your FATA, Wellness and Computer Science classes will tell you this week when your off-blocks are from those classes. Students in grades 9, 10 and 11 will be assigned to a study hall when you have an off-block from those classes.

Eating/Lunch: The cafe will continue to serve bagged lunches at no charge. You can order ahead using the NutriSlice app LSRHS Nutrislice; click on the link and please add it to your devices if you would like to order a specific lunch. You are welcome to bring your own food. Eating will only be allowed in the cafeteria or outside. Students are able to choose to eat in the cafe (on a space available basis) or outside. Yes, students may also eat in their cars, alone or with other students who are part of their family. Grade 12 students with max ed privileges may leave campus for lunch (and for other free blocks).

Masks and Social Distancing: You will need to wear a mask at all times in the building, except when in a mask break area (for quick breaks only) or eating in the cafeteria or outside designated areas. The social distancing requirement in these areas will be six feet. All other places in the building, including classrooms, will have three foot social distancing. (How far is three feet apart? If you can reach out and touch someone, you are too close- step back!)

Bathrooms and Locker Rooms: Bathroom capacity is still limited- please observe the posted limits and continue to knock before entering. Locker rooms will remain closed.

Off Blocks From Classes (“frees”): To maintain social distancing in the hallways, all grade 9, 10, and 11 students will be assigned to study halls in their off blocks. Only 12th grade students will be unassigned in their off blocks and frees. Seniors with off campus privileges (max ed cards) may leave campus at these times. More information was sent in an email from your AP.

Electronic Devices: Please continue to bring your laptop, tablet or Chromebook to school daily; teachers will continue using Google Classroom for posting assignments and may be limiting passing out paper. If you are in need of a device to use at school or assistance with help with the WIFI please contact your House team.

Attendance: Students in full-day, in-person learning are expected to physically attend all of their scheduled classes. Only students approved to learn remotely, or students in COVID quarantine, will be given remote access to class. More information was sent in an email from your AP.

Transportation to School and Parking: Bus capacity is now the same as a regular year for capacity levels, which is 47 per bus, per the revised guidelines. METCO Student buses will maintain current ridership, which is 25 maximum per bus. Please review updated routes and new protocols for riding the bus. Important: all daily riders when they are boarding the bus will need to use their phones to scan in. This will assist us with contact tracing. Additional details are forthcoming.

Drop off/ Pick Up information can be found HERE for families who do not use bus transportation.

SY 20-21 parking passes will be required to park in the L-S lot.

Free Covid Testing: Testing is simple, quick, and painless. We encourage all of you to sign up. Students in LS spring athletic programs are required to participate in the LS pool testing program. The consent form is attached below (which you should turn in to your house office in advance). Remember our motto: “Think for yourself, and think of others.” Working together, we can limit the spread of COVID in our community.

**More information can be found in the slides from the “WITT #8” April 7 presentation.**

A final reminder about the current Travel Advisory: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GgFQMUYIGsvJuO9JeDAqXVdGWB-sFzaayH6LXXTW5-k/edit?usp=sharing


Bella Wong