December 2020

December 2020
Posted on 12/21/2020
Dear LS Students, Staff, and Families,

As I am writing to you it is a grey looking Sunday morning. I hope it clears up so we will be able to see the ‘great’ conjoining of Jupiter and Saturn. It should be visible to the naked eye especially tomorrow and for a few days after. Here is a NASA link that describes the event and offers some viewing tips.

It seems all the more noteworthy that it is coming at the cusp of the winter solstice that marks the start of winter and the shortest day of the year. Solstice accentuates our mental countdown of the last days of 2020. It has certainly been a wild year that has been challenging at its best. It has been a year when gestures of generosity have been especially appreciated. More often it is the gift of caring for another that has been the most precious of all – whether it is for someone you know well or not, whether it is of material goods you are offering to share or more simply and no less valued, your sense of good will and emotional support.

Here are some end-of-year compilations to share with all of you that highlight what students and staff continue to do outside of the classroom, albeit virtually. Please enjoy the Shout Out, a seasonal newsletter to spread the word about some of the MANY safe schools initiatives happening at LS curated by Lori Hodin, Coordinator of L-S Safe School Initiatives.

A different kind of year calls for a different kind of Winter Concert! Choir, Band, Orchestra students plus those participating in string orchestra, violin ensemble, Treble Choir, Chamber Singers, Guitar Class Level II students created a live and prerecorded compilation that was aired live Friday evening, December 11 through Sudbury TV. The concert was created without a live audience present. All of you are the intended audience!! Please look for a recording of the concert on the Sudbury TV website. A special thank you to our staff musical leaders Kyung Oh, Michael Bunting and Tom Grandprey.

Our students of the school newspaper LS Forum continue to produce high quality journalism that inspires us to think beyond ourselves while we reflect on both what is happening in the world and close to home. Thank you to faculty advisor Mike Guanci for sharing the following articles. Please also refer to the Forum website:

"A Year Without Ando" by Riya Misra. Riya interviews some of those closest with Ando, including his two sons at LS, on the one-year mark of his passing. It's touching.

"Not Your Typical Student" by Ann Badowsky. Ann writes about her brother Max, a senior who is part of the REACH program, and his experiences at LS.

Congratulations to all of our students and staff for the very good work they done this year which is all the more extraordinary because of our extraordinary times. Thank you to all of you for what you have done to support all of their efforts from home. There is nothing good that has come out of these last months that could have been achieved without support and help and support from our broader community.

In appreciation,

Bella Wong