December 17th

Remote Learning Model for December 17, 2020
Posted on 12/16/2020
Dear LS Students and Families,

Due to the projected inclement weather we will not have any school in person, tomorrow, Thursday, December 17, 2020. Instead we will shift to remote learning on the hybrid schedule in order to keep the cohorts in sync with each other prior to our leaving for December break. I know some of you were hoping for a traditional snow cancellation day and so may be disappointed not to have one. I can totally understand why!

Everyone has been working incredibly hard and a break is certainly in order! On top of the December break there will be a few more in January. There will be no school for you on Monday, January 18 (MLK Day). And also no school for you on Monday, January 25 and Tuesday, 26 (Teacher Professional Days) at the semester break. So try to hold on! Days to rest are on the way!

Here is an update to COVID test sample collection.

Sample collection for Cohort B will happen as scheduled this Friday starting at 7:45 am in the school cafeteria until 8:25 am.

Anyone from Cohort A can have their sample dropped off and delivered to Frances Zingale in the Superintendent’s Office in Building A between 9 and 11 am OR between 11:15 and 12:30 pm in the cafeteria.

Anyone dropping off samples on Friday can pick up a test kit for the next collections dates of 12/21, 12/22, and 12/29. If you won’t be dropping off a sample on 12/29 please don’t take an extra kit at this time.

Anyone who was scheduled to drop off a sample on Thursday and won’t be able to come in on Friday – hold on to you test kit and use it for Monday. And pick up a new test kit for 12/29 on Monday if you need one.

Take good care around the storm. If you ever have difficulty attending class or completing assignments due to power outages or interruptions to internet service, please be sure to let your teachers know!


Bella Wong