School Counselors

Each student is assigned a school counselor who is located in one of the house offices. The counselor will remain with the student for their four years at L-S. The school counselor’s role is to provide support for academic and social/emotional concerns and guidance pertaining to post-secondary planning. School counselors work closely with teachers and staff to support students in meeting their overall developmental needs.

Clinical Counselors

Students have access to the clinical staff. These clinical counselors and psychologists are available to meet with students who, for whatever reason, are struggling with personal/social issues that are interfering with their learning and their thriving in the high school environment. Each counselor is affiliated with a particular house and the student will be referred to the clinician associated with his/her house. Students can refer themselves or be referred by their house counselor, staff or a family member. In the case where a student needs more ongoing therapeutic support, counselors will refer appropriately to outside agencies.