Global Scholar FAQs

Q. Does Latin count toward the Program’s Language Study requirement?
A. Yes.

Q. Does a travel experience that was completed before or during 9th grade count?
A. Travel experiences should occur during your participation in the program. Travel experiences occurring before 9th grade will not be considered. Travel experience in 9th grade before you have applied for the program may be considered. See Global Scholar advisor for more information.

Q. Can the capstone project be done as a group?
A. No – part of the experience of the capstone project is self-reflection and independent discovery.

Q. Do any FATA classes count?
A. See the portfolio option (last bullet on list of Globally Oriented Classes)

Q. What is a portfolio?
A. The portfolio is an edited collection of the student’s best work that showcases the student’s engagement with globally oriented topics through courses whilst part of the Global Scholar Program.

Q. When can a student join the program?
A. Students must submit a Statement of Intent by the end of first semester in 10th grade. Under extenuating circumstances and with permission from a Global Scholars advisor, 11th graders may join the program during the first semester.

If your question is not answered here, please email David Grace or JK Park.