Globally Oriented Courses

Globally Oriented Courses

Participation in the Global Scholar Program does not give preferential scheduling in globally-oriented courses.

See Program of Studies for more detail on these courses.


  • Any English course that is designated as a World Literature course (see Program of Studies)


  • Any work portfolio that covers areas covered by the target competencies. This may include written work, performances, installations, or other multi-media projects.


  • African History
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Asian Studies
  • Dictators
  • Economics
  • Global Issues
  • History of Art
  • Modern European History
  • Modern World History
  • Philosophy
  • Russian History
  • World Crises
  • 9th grade History Lab


  • Astronomy
  • Earth Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Infectious Disease


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dance

World Language

  • Any course offered through the World Language Department that is not already counting toward the Language requirement.