About the Program

About the Global Scholar Program


Advances in technology have exponentially increased global inter-connectedness to effect interrelatedness among our various economies and across broad social concerns. Such issues demand thoughtful planning and intervention in order to achieve the greatest benefit to all interested parties, whether from an individual or societal perspective. It is essential to develop individual capacity among our students to participate effectively as citizens and potential leaders in the global arena.


Global Education provides students with the skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary to participate in an increasingly interdependent world. Through immersion and the study of culture, world language, multi-cultural and international issues, students acquire skills, content knowledge and perspectives that equip them to become life-long, active participants in our global community, while also demonstrating an appreciation for the importance of cultural diversity and global responsibility.

Global Competency Targets

  1. A positive disposition towards cultural difference. Ability to discern cultural differences as an opportunity for constructive transactions among people.
  2. An ability to speak, read, understand and think in languages in addition to English.
  3. Ability to reflect upon one’s knowledge and understanding of world history, geography, global issues (health, climate, social responsibility, conflict resolution and economics) and of the process of globalization itself.


  1. Statement of Intent submitted by the end of first semester in Grade 10
  2. Successful Participation in grades 10 through 12
  3. Globally oriented coursework each year
  4. Four years of high school language study
  5. International/cross-cultural or inter-cultural travel experience
  6. Globally oriented service requirement
  7. Reflective work at end of each year
  8. Capstone project with presentation to a panel representative of global and local educators 

Global Scholar Application

  • Basic student information
  • Projected course of study to fulfill criteria 

Successful Participation

  • To be monitored by the L-S Global Scholar Advisor

Globally Oriented Coursework

  • 6 completed courses (quarter, semester, or year) of globally oriented coursework related to Global Content, Global Cultural Literacy and/or Global Ethics. List of eligible courses here.
  • Participation in the Global Scholar Program does not give preferential scheduling for Globally Oriented Courses.
  • 8 semesters of high school language study (Subject to waiver for applicable IEP or 504 Plan)

International Travel Experience

  • Approved program must provide an international experience in which students will challenge themselves to connect and interact directly with the culture and the people.
  • Pre-approved family/individual trip with educational and cultural components may apply.
  • Proposals for non-international inter-cultural experiences will be considered for approval. Suitable substitutions for international travel must involve immersion in another culture and/or foster achieving global competence.

Globally-Oriented Service Requirement

  • 30 hours in a multi-cultural community service (programs serving other cultures/ethnicities). There can be overlap with the L-S Community Service Requirement.
  • Must expose student to other world cultures or address resolving a global issue and should ideally employ their foreign language skills.
  • Hours should be pre-approved.

Reflective end of year work at end of 10th and 11th grade

  • Should focus on how participation in the course of study has affected the student’s perspective on global issues: What has changed for them? What questions have been raised for the student?
  • The reflective piece at the end of 10th grade should be a 250-500 word essay in English.
  • The reflective piece at the end of 11th grade should be one 250-500 word essay written in English and another essay written in the target language (could be a translation of the essay in English).

Capstone Project and Presentation at end of 12th grade

  • Should demonstrate each aspect of global competency using evidence from student’s work/experience over three years. Student may select an aspect of a foreign country or region’s culture, political system, history, geography or economy, and engage in a minimum of three activities that will enable them to explore this area of interest beyond already assigned class work. Activities may include readings, travel, watching films, attending cultural events or lectures.
  • A short reflection about your Capstone Project experience must accompany the final presentation. Students need to submit an approved proposal of their Capstone Project by the end of the first semester of their senior year.

Awarding of Certificate

The Global Scholar designation will be noted on the student transcript upon completion of the program.

Global Scholars Advisors