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MLKAP History

Part I

A History of MLK
By Jo Crawford

In 1986, 20 years ago, after one of the annual MLK assemblies created to honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , a few people felt that there must be a better way to honor the slain civil rights leader than at a one day event…and they found one. They would create a project which would honor King on a daily basis by giving students, staff and ultimately community residents an opportunity to help realize his dream of a more just America every day of the year.

In April vacation in 1987 the MLK Action Project (a social justice outreach project) was launched – each day of the vacation week there was a trip to a different shelter and one trip to the Boston Food Bank. 40 very excited students signed up and 310 hours were donated. Now 25% of the school population `is involved and 2000 to 3000 hours are donated annually to honor Dr. King. While a primary focus is inner city volunteering in order to expand students’ awareness of needs in a larger community, there are many local events for senior citizens and also monthly trips to a Framingham shelter.

Part II

Some MLK Action Project traditions:
Also By Jo Crawford

The annual Jimmy Mack March to Defeat AIDS through education and research is in October. The 20th walk was October 2007.

The annual Thanksgiving dinner at the school for Lincoln and Sudbury senior citizens.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Holiday Gift giving to 50 homeless young people living on Boston streets.

The annual February alternative vacation trip to work with Habitat for Humanity, all but one in Philadelphia. 2007 was the 19th trip and new this year Katrina Project spring vacation trip planned.

The annual Martin Luther King, Jr Award Assembly held to honor Dr. King’s January 17th birthday. The award is given to a person of the greater Boston community who has demonstrated a serious, continuing commitment to the ideals of Dr. King. The first award was presented in 1988 to Kip Kiernan, founder of Rosie’s Place and the Boston Food Bank. There have been total of 20 awards to date.

The MLK Award of Promise was created in 2003. This award recognizes the efforts of young men and women from the L-S community who have already shown promise in keeping alive Dr. King’s dream of a more just world. The recipient must have graduated from L-S five years or more ago. The first award was given to Philip Cryan L-S ’97.

Agencies visited on a regular basis:

  • Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Haley House
  • Rosie’s Place
  • Pine Street Inn
  • More coming!

Other Walks:

  • Walk for Hunger in Boston
  • Urban Walk for Haiti
  • AIDS Walk in Boston
  • Supporters of Sudanese

Senior Service Day 2018

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School road sign reads 8th Annual Senior Service Day Wed March 30Students landscaping with shovels pose by the L-S road signTwo students weed rows of vegetables with gardening toolsStudents sitting at a round table at a volunteering siteGroup of students posing behind tie dye t-shirtsTwo students standing in front of a wooden shed with lawn games for kidsGroup of students in the woods with trail making toolsTwo female students tending the memorial garden at L-SThree female students sitting cross-legged in a classroom surrounded by children's booksStudents carrying a box of children's booksStudents and a volunteer holding rakes and leaf bags in the woodsStudents kneeling during trail making to pet a dogL-S student at a round table with young children in an elementary school classroomstudent with elderly woman working with a laptopStudents at a table in an office with a pad of paperGroup of students with a mess of tangled headphonesStudents with gardening tools, shovels and a wheelbarrowGroup of students in blue t-shirts posing after a gardening jobTwo rows of students standing outside in front of a farm house

Events & Volunteering Opportunities

Below you will find a list of upcoming events in need of volunteers. This list is updated regularly.