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**For convenience and simplification, starting 9/2023, all materials related to a School Committee Meeting will be linked inside the posted Agenda/Minutes for that meeting.  Older presentations and resources can still be found on this page.  Thank you, and we hope this will help going forward.**

Collective Bargaining Agreements

- MOA Advisory Program
- 2022-2025 Agreement by and between the LS School Committee and the LS Teachers' Association
-2021-22 Agreement by and Between the LS School Committee and the LS Teachers' Association (12/1/2020)
-Memorandum of Agreement for the 2020-21 School Year - Re-opening during COVID-19 - LS School Committee and LSTA
-Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Closure of Schools due to COVID-19 - June 2020Attachment A to June 2020 - Continuity of Learning Plan Phase IIIAttachment B to June 2020 MOA - Internal Substitute Teaching Rates during school closure, Spring 2020
- 2018-2021 Agreement By and Between the LS School Committee and the LS Teachers' Association(6/28/2018)
- 2015-2018 Agreement by and between the LS School Committee and the LS Teachers' Association (4/8/2015)


- NEASC Report
- Portrait of a Graduate
 -The Regional Agreement between the Town of Lincoln and the Town of Sudbury
-L-S Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan 


- LS Portrait of a Graduate Presentation (4/2023)
- ATOD Presentation (1/24/23)
- FY24 Budget Presentation (1/24/2023)

- FY24 Budget Presentation (12/6/2022)
- Advisory Presentation (11/22/2022)
- Student Services Presentation (11/8/2022)
- Enrollment Report Presentation (10/25/2022)
- October 1 Staffing Presentation (10/25/2022)
- School Technology Presentation (9/27/2022)
- Final Review of LS District Goals 21-22
- Student Equity Assessment Report (6/21/2022)
- Schedule Review SC Presentation (5/10/2022)
- Advisory Presentation (4/26/2022)
- Eagle Scout Presentation (4/2022)
-Paths to Student Support (3/1/2022)
- English Department Presentation (1/11/2022)
- Metrowest Adolescent Health Study
- Wellness Department Presentation (3/9/2021)
- LCC Staff Survey (12/2020)
- Student/Parent Survey (12/2020)
-Presentation on the Reopening Plan (8/13/20)
-MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey

Academic Departments

-Counseling Department Presentation (5/28/2019)
-World Language Department Presentation (3/19/2019)
-Wellness Department Presentation (3/5/2019)
-Mathematics Department Presentation (1/8/2019)


- MCAS Results & Accountability (10/11/2022)
- MCAS Results 2021 (9/28/2021)
MCAS Results & Accountability Level 2019 (11/19/2019)
- New Accountability Standards, and LS 2018 Spring MCAS Results by Ginny Blake (10/16/2018)


-NEASC Re-accreditation by Dan Conti (9/11/2018)

Racial Climate Task Force

-Racial Climate Task Force Presentation (1/19/21)
-Racial Climate Task Force Presentation (Jan 2020)
-Racial Climate Task Force Presentation (10/23/2018)


-L-S Safety Council Presentation (1/7/2020)
-L-S Safety Council Presentation (2/26/2019)
-LS Safety Review Subcommittee
-Safety Review Subcommittee 2007 – Report (6/28/07)

Staffing and Course Information Reports

-Staffing and Course Information Report 2020-21 (11/17/20)
-Staffing and Course Information Report 2018-19 (1/8/19)

Start Time

-Moving LSRHS to an evidenced- based school start time (5/29/2019)
-Teen Sleep and School Start Time: Summary Report (5/31/2017)

Student Services

-Student Services Presentation (10/27/2020)
-LS Student Services Report, Mass. DESE CPR Action Plan Update, LS Academy (11/20/18)

Superintendent Evaluation

-Superintendent Evaluation January 28, 2020

Travel/Global Scholars

-Iceland 2019 Warrior Travelers Presentation (5/14/2019)
-LS Global Scholars Program Presentation (3/19/2019)


-Tri-District School Committee Presentation on Student Anxiety and Depression by Dr. Mona Potter (McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate), and Ms. Abigail Stark (Ph.D. student) (3/11/2019)
-Special Tri-District School Committee Presentation on Anxiety vs. Depression by Aida Ramos (LS), Mary Emmons (LPS), Stephanie Juriansz (SPS), Directors of Special Education (3/11/2019)


-Joint Statement on Preventing the Spread of COVID-19
-Resolution on COVID-19 Testing - adopted 8/21/20
Resolution on COVID-19 State Funding - adopted 6/16/20
Public Comment from October 27, 2020 Meeting


- Draft of 2021-2022 School Calendar
-School Committee Statement on Racial Justice -- June 2020

-2018-19 Educational Development and Evaluation (ED&E) by Ginny Blake (10/16/2018)

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