Unit #1:  Introduction to Economics


Class Activities and Handouts:


    • IRS Tax Rate Schedules (T. Rowe Price)
    • Information about rates for 2015 (Forbes magazine)

Unit #2:  The Household Budget Project


Class Activities:

  • Calculating Withholdings and filling Out a 1040EZ Form
  • Types of Insurance
  • Types of Car Insurance

Optional Reading:

Personal Finance Information:

Household Income Data & Information:

Unit #3: Supply and Demand


Class Activities:

  • Introduction to Demand
  • Introduction to Supply
  • Supply and Demand Examples
  • Marginal Cost, Marginal Revenue and Profit Maximization
  • 30 Days on Minimum Wage (Price Floor Application)
  • Price Gouging (Price Ceiling Application)
  • Elasticity; calculated elasticity of demand values for some products are here

Optional Reading:

Unit #4:  GDP and Macroeconomics



I.  Macroeconomic Performance:

II.  Unemployment and Inflation:

III.  The Budget Deficit, National Debt and Fiscal Policy

2015-2016 Policy Paper Writing Assignment

Class Handouts/Assignments:

Assigned/Required Readings:

  • Link to CQ Researcher for Paper (LS Library Database) (need user ID/password if  at home)
  • The New York Times article summarizing the CBO study (required) is here
  • Readings from the Economic Policy Institute that support raising the minimum wage are here (type minimum wage into the by content box on the page for more articles)
  • Readings from the American Enterprise Institute that oppose raising the minimum wage are here

Optional Readings (may be used in paper):

Unit #5:  Money and Banking


Class Activities:


  • Current Data on M1 and M2
  • Current FOMC members
  • Traditional and Nontraditional Monetary Policy Tools (excellent video from the
  • St. Louis Federal Reserve available here)

Midterm Examination Information

Unit #6: Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Homework: (see online articles below)

Required Homework Readings (see homework guide above):

Remember to print out and bring required articles above to class on February 5 for the note check, otherwise no points for review guide.

Class Activities

Useful Websites for the Investing Unit:

A.  Researching Stocks:

B.  Researching Mutual Funds:

C.  Mutual Fund Companies for Portfolio Assignment:

Unit #7:  The Great Economists Project

Articles required for the Great Economist Project:

All Groups:  Economist Overview

Friedrich Hayek:

John Maynard Keynes:

John Kenneth Galbraith:

Milton Friedman

Adam Smith:


Q3 Current Events Assignment

Block 4:

Print out and Read by 03/31

Last Names A-L :

Last Names M-Z:

Block 6:

Print out and read by 04/01

Last Names A-Ma:

Last Names Mi-Z:

Previous Articles:

Unit #8: Financial Bubbles & The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis


Class Activities:

  • Common Elements of Speculative Bubbles Throughout History
  • The U.S. Housing “Bubble”
  • 2007-2009 Financial Crisis Key Terms Jeopardy Game
  • Inside Job Film Questions

Useful Websites for understanding the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis:

Final Project

Unit #9:  International Trade & Globalization (Juniors Only)


Class Activities:

  • A currency converter is here
  • Comparative Advantage
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Restrictive Trade Policies
  • Introduction to Globalization
  • Film Questions Commanding Heights NAFTA
  • PBS Series: The Commanding Heights (watch online here)
  • International Trade Perspectives
  • Options for U.S. Trade Policy
  • Migration

Current Events/Optional:

  • What We’ve Learned from NAFTA article is here
  • Elizabeth Warren on the TPP is here