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In regard to the scoreboard, our past seasons have been a roller coaster ride of success, and not-so-much success. There were years that I had to ask college teams to let us play their “B” sides. There are other years where we were low in numbers, and had to scrape enough kids together to play opposing high school teams “B” sides.

We are actively recruiting young, athletic, high school aged girls to come join us. Rugby is an amazing sport that can fit any body/skill type, as long as you are willing to work hard and be a dependable teammate.

For the record, we were the first high school affiliated rugby team for girls in the state of Massachusetts! Since our birth in 2006 (thanks to the perseverance of Dani McAvoy and the pioneers that joined her for our first season), 4 other high school teams have formed. Several other teams have formed and then disbanded, but the four that remain standing are, Algonquin High School, North Quincy High School, Newton South High School, and The Worcester Clovers. We also play against teams from Portland Maine, several teams from Connecticut, and a team from Portsmouth New Hampshire. There are more schools out there that are interested in joining us in the fold. Stay tuned to find out what happens in the next year!

Here is the summary from our 2013 Spring Season!

3/18 We get really excited about the first day of practice around here! The “elders” thought frozen yogurt was a good way to end the day. This is what it looks like when a bunch of rugby players descend upon Twisted!


3/5     Lincoln-Sudbury hosts Algonquin Regional High School A-side (Lost: Algonquin 26 vs LS 0) Algonquin’s A-side is the team to beat! They are looking strong this year. Watch out Massachusetts!

3/7     Lincoln-Sudbury hosts the annual Girls Rugby Jamboree! (Another successful year. We had teams from all over Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut join us. We started with morning stations, watched a women’s game, and finished with team scrimmages. A HUGE thank you to Boston Women, Beantown Women, and Charles River Women teams.)


4/1o     Lincoln-Sudbury travels to Newton South (Lost: Newton South 34 vs LS 5) We played even for a lot of the game. Newton South capitalized on our mistakes well! We gave them several break away trys and couldn’t match their hard running players. We did work on our offensive set and earned a tough try! Nice work to our returners, and a steep learning curve for our new players. This game will help us!

4/26     Lincoln-Sudbury hosts Worcester (Won! LS 24-12) We played a form of rugby that is gaining popularity here in the United States. We played sevens! This is 7v7 on a full field. You will see this in the next summer Olympics. It was a great day, we all got time, and we pulled off a strong win. Go L-S!

5/1 Lincoln-Sudbury travelled to Algonquin Bs (Won! LS 35 vs Algonquin Bs 0) What a game! Lots of big runs that had support! We put some things together from our previous losses/practices, and it was a joy to participate in this game. Simply amazing!

5/5 We are so proud that Elizabeth Bruttomesso, Katherine Hanson, and Danielle (Lolli) Godwin had the guts to put themselves out there for select-side practice! All three had a very good tryouts, and I am excited to see what happens. We will officially know on 5/29 if they made it. The roster will be posted on the Wednesday after the state tournament.

5/10 Lincoln-Sudbury hosts Newton South (Lost: NSouth 25-12) A great game with lots of player hilights. So many of our kids played ouside of their familiar positions, but we gave Newton South’s strong side some great competition!

5/15 Lincoln-Sudbury hosts AT MAYNARD HIGH SCHOOL against Algonquin Bs (Won! We didn’t keep track of the score, but I assure you that we came out on top!) Thank you to Algonquin B’s for taking it to us hard! We needed to work on some of our kinks and today’s game was so important as we head into state tournament time. The future looks bright for Algonquin. They have some young talent that is chomping at the bit.

5/17 Lincoln-Sudbury travels out of state! Road trip! stay tuned for details!

5/25 State Tournament at Fort Devons.  Battered with injuries and exhausted from regular season play, we had two hard fought matches that left us 0-2 for the day. Thank you to Algonquin A’s and Newton South for beating us up in the rain. Any day playing rugby is a good day, even when you lose two in a row in the rain. I am so proud of my girls for playing their hearts out until the last whistle. The relationships between all of the girls teams was fantastic! I look forward to seeing you all out there next spring!

6/9 Select-side practice here at L-S! Come help get our state team ready! Congratulations to Elizabeth Bruttesemo, Danielle (Lolli) Godwin, and Katherine Hanson for being selected to this year’s select-side team. Go L-S!

6/14, 15, 16 – New England Challenge Cup! Our state select-side team will represent in the tournament that hosts teams from Pennsylvania, New York City, Upstate New York, Connecticut, and Vermont! This is AMAZING rugby, and it is close to home. PLEASE come support the Massachusetts players. Stay tuned for match times. There will be two games in Saturday, and one on Sunday.



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