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In regard to the scoreboard, our past seasons have been a roller coaster ride of success, and not-so-much success. There were years that I had to ask college teams to let us play their “B” sides. There are other years where we were low in numbers, and had to scrape enough kids together to play opposing high school teams “B” sides.

We are actively recruiting young, athletic, high school aged girls to come join us. Rugby is an amazing sport that can fit any body/skill type, as long as you are willing to work hard and be a dependable teammate.

For the record, we were the first high school affiliated rugby team for girls in the state of Massachusetts! Since our birth in 2006 (thanks to the perseverance of Dani McAvoy and the pioneers that joined her for our first season), 4 other high school teams have formed. Several other teams have formed and then disbanded, but the four that remain standing are, Algonquin High School, Needham High School, Newton South High School, and a regional team for girls from Essex county. Belmont High School is jumping into the fray this year, but will not have a full schedule. There is also a very strong regional team in the Berkshires, but due to geography, we usually only see them at the state tournament. We also play against teams from Portland Maine, and several teams from Connecticut. There are more schools out there that are interested in joining us in the fold. Stay tuned to find out what happens in the next year!

Stay tuned for details and updates of our 2015 Spring Season!