Lincoln Sudbury Regional District School Committee


Next meeting Oct. 4, 2011 @ 7:30 in L-S Conference Room B

Executive Meetings - Executive Session will be held every Monday(except holidays and vacations) for the rest of the year. They will be at 7:00 am starting on Monday September 19th and in L-S Conference Room A. These are in addition to any executive sessions that could be held before or after a regularly scheduled school committee meeting.

FY '12 Budget Information:

No Override Impacts for the 2011-12 academic year (PDF format)

May 11 Budget Forum Regarding Override Vote (PDF format)

FY '12 L-S Sudbury Town Meeting Budget Presentation (PDF format)

FY '12 No Override Presentation - Feb 14, 2011 (PDF format)

Presentation on Athletics at LSRHS, Feb.7 2011 (PDF Format)

Lincoln Presentation, Jan. 2011, FY12 Preliminary Budget (PDF format)

Presentation to School Committee, Dec. 21, 2010,
FY12 Preliminary Budget (PDF format)

Presentation from Special Meeting Tuesday Dec 14, 2010
Powerpoint format Quicktime movie format PDF format HTML format

FY12 Enrollment Report

FY11 Staffing Reductions Made After the No Override Vote


G4 Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Past Presentations:
Consolidated METCO Director Job Description (June 5)

Consolidated L-S & SPS METCO Program Proposal (June 1)

Consolidated L-S & SPS METCO Program Financials (June 1)

FY11 Sudbury Budget Forum Presentation From the April 29 Sudbury Budget Forum
METCO Consolidation proposal From the April 28 joint school committee meeting
Comparison of LSRHS versus comparable school districts
Presentation on quantitative measures of student performance (March 2010)
Presentation on the impact of the reduction from 4 to 3 houses, presented at the Dec. 22 School Committee meeting.   Housemasters Presentation (PDF file)
How the budget impacts curriculum, presented on Jan. 12th. (PDF file)
FY 11 Budget Presentation revised Feb. 1, 2010 (PDF file)
How towns are assessed under the regional agreement
(revised Feb. 1, 2010 - PDF file)
Enrollment Report October 2009 (PDF)